Welcome to Necrowarp. Necrowarp is an epic scaled ARCADE ACTION SHOOTER, following the tradition of great sidescroller or top down shooters like Tyrian, Raptor, Raiden or R-Type.

Introducing the player to a rich environment where his journey leads him from mysterious and strange nature environments to giant cyberpunk cities. The game will emphasis a lot on tactical action gameplay and strong narrative elements, which involves customization of his different vehicles, weapons and gadgets or role playing elements like dialogs or character developement. Last but not least, we also aim for an interesting coop experience, allowing two (or maybe more) players to experience the story campaign together.


  • :: Classic action packed arcade fun, spiced with lots of tactical combat elements and possibilities ::
  • :: an epic story campain, driven by your decisions ::
  • :: choose between alternative mission paths, leading to different locations, story twists or equipment ::
  • :: A sci-fi world with high visual diversity, allowing you to experience a rich and unique universe ::
  • :: Purchase tons of weapons, new player ships, sub-systems, ai wingman drones or special technologies. a massive, deadly and devastating arsenal awaits you - from pulse lasers, gatling guns, flamethrowers to nukes, orbital blasts or nano hacking missiles ::
  • :: Customize and research - upgrade weapons, pilot and ship stats - equip ai drones or combine weapons and ammo types to create new weapon modules ::
  • :: Hire new crew members to unlock technology, bonus missions, secret weapons or special upgrades ::
  • :: Various game modes, from arcade to story campaign ::
  • :: Multiplayer mode - play the arcade / story campain with a friend in coop or fight against each other in the combat arenas of various deathmatch modes ::

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